Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Krugman: Staying What Course?

In his May 16 NEW YORK TIMES column, Paul Krugman makes several very important statements. Perhaps the most resonant is this:

"...the Iraq war has...demonstrated the limits of American power, and emboldened our potential enemies. Why should Kim Jong Il fear us, when we can't even secure the road from Baghdad to the airport?"

Krugman also points out in his piece that according to JANE'S DEFENSE INDUSTRY, America will spend as much on defense next year as THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED.

How much more do you reckon we need to spend on defense before a tinhorn like Kim Jong Il fears us?

How much more do we need to spend before we can secure the road from Baghdad to the airport?



  1. Answers to

    1) Every Jihadi fighter with a hard-on and an AK47 doesn't fear the US; why should KJII?

    2) Build a military metro from the GZ to the Airport; I'm sure Halliburton would like to quote for the work.

  2. Well said, Fire.

    I have an ultra-conservative pal who claims the situation in Iraq is no worse than a typical day in Chicago, Illinois. I asked him if he thought 1,600 cops in Chicago had died over the last three years. He said he though probably not.

    Thanks for droppin by.


  3. Great blog Jeff, hopefully YD (he's da boss) at TII will link you.

    My old man was Navy. He was there at the launch of the USS Enterprise (Training foreign cadets).

    Pity that it is now the USS Emperium.

  4. Ah, the Big E, a one of a kind nuclear ship--six or eight reactors, as I recall, and the first US Navy ship to deploy a phased array search radar.

    Glad you like the boog. Hopefully, I'll manage to keep the content interesting and entertaining enough to make you want to stop by often.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting, FF. Much appreciated.