Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Beat Goes On

"I really, truly believe that we are as close as we have ever been to peace."

-- Laura Bush, May 20, 2005

"I think (the terrorists are) being defeated, and that's why they continue to fight."

-- George W. Bush, May 23, 2005

"U.S. deaths mount in Iraq: 14 killed in past three days; May is on track to become one of deadliest months in the past year."

-- The Virginian-Pilot, May 25, 2005

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."

-- Mark Twain, late nineteenth century

Insurgents have killed 54 U.S. troops so far this month, The Pilot reports. More than 620 people, including 58 American troops, have been killed since Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafaari established his new government on April 28. Insurgent attacks presently average 70 per day. In light of increasing sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites, Iraq appears to be turning into two battlefields--insurgents fighting the U.S. military and religious sects fighting each other.

These insurgent dummies need to start listening to Laura and Dubya. How long before they realize they're losing and give up? (The insurgents, I mean.)

Countless Bush administration supporters have explained our difficulties in combating terrorism by claiming this is a "new kind of war," but there's nothing about this war that the Greek general and historian Thucydides didn't describe in 400 B.C.--and none of it was "new" then, either.

In coming weeks, I'll outline historic case studies--from Hellenic times to the present day--that illustrate how wars are similar regardless of technologies and cultures, and how war itself is a proven failure as a tool of national power.

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  1. Seriously, the Bushes are gone, out there, to lunch, in La La Land, not in reality as we know it.

    Yesterday on Bush's Social Security bamboozle-palooza tour, he riffed on stem cells and how he'd veto the bill, how every life has worth.... then I went to Yahoo news pictures to surf around and was met with screen after screen of dead Iraqi children, maimed children, parents weeping over the dead bodies of their children, hospitals overflowing with wounded children, and I just wanted to fucking scream, "collateral damage has a face, you fuck!"

    Only white American kids are important to the assholes running our beloved country. Unless they're soldiers. Then they're fodder, or worse, propaganda, like Tillman.

    It truly makes me sick. I hate them, the Bushes that is. I hope they all burn in hell.

    /rant ;-)

  2. The Bush "culture of life."

    Makes me sick too.

    As for all of them burning in hell:

    I have it on best authority that they all have rooms ready for them in the Lyndon Baines Johnson suite in the Hades Hilton.

    Thanks for stopping by.