Friday, May 13, 2005

Black Friday

The Pentagon's base closing list came out today. If it passes through the President and Congress, it will have an economic impact on nearly every state in the Union.

The Pentagon claims these closings will save $50 billion over the next 20 years (MSNBC). That's chump change when you consider that the Pentagon is asking ten times that figure to support the military in 2006 alone.

Leave it to Rumsfeld's Pentagon to boast that it's cutting back on spending when it's actually spending more.

But I guess you have to spend money to save money, huh?



  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    According to a Ralph Peters opinion piece this base closing business is a disaster.

    And, if congress just keeps getting flogged from the religious right; what about backfire?

    Joseph McCarthy didn't finally collapse? Nixon was run out of office? (Remember, Nixon had no use for Congress. Nada.)

    Sometimes, the senate can be a very powerful place! How's that? What do I mean? Well a long time ago, a man named Julius Caesar was told not to go to the senate that day. But he did.

    In Plutarch (which Shakespeare used to tell his story), there's a statement Julius Caesar made about a "lean and hungry man." Cassius, I do believe.

    Now, from history, the Roman Empire began with AUGUSTUS. (Except, that's just a name change. Cassius. THe "lean and hungry" guy. WHo took advantage.)

    ANd, history not only can turn on a dime; but it can turn when a leader bites the dust.

    What's it gonna look like when the dust clears in the senate, now? In one report I read, I read that Karl Rove was caught off guard on these judicial nominees. He had no advertisements in the can. WHich could also mean he hadn't tested the PR, either. Because advertisements aren't made until words and themes are tested out, first.

    In ten years will anyone even remember the names of some of these senate players? REALLY?

  2. Karl Rove caught off guard? Guess there's a first time for everything.

    Thanks for posting,