Sunday, May 15, 2005


From Steven R. Weisman and John F. Burns of the NEW YORK TIMES:

"The Bush administration, struggling to cope with a recent intensification of insurgent violence in Iraq, has received signals from some radical Sunni Arab leaders that they would abandon fighting if the new Shiite majority government gave Sunnis a significant voice in the country's political evolution, administration officials said this week."

What to do? Would ceding these Sunni Arab leaders' wishes amount to negotiating with terrorists? It would certainly send a clear signal that political aims can be achieved through terrorism.

The problem: which is the worse choice; giving them their way or telling them to pack sand?



  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    A word about "Sunni's." They're the tribe from Saudi Arabia. The Wahabbists. And, they're the one at the losing end of it in IRaq. So now they want power?

    And, when the Saudi-MENACE visited our Boi in Crawford wasn't that the deal?

    For the Iraqis, ahead, a big problem. Without Saddam they're no longer a country. But vying options. And, the Kurds actually can fight. Which worries Turkey, no end!

    And, Abdullah of Jordan was told to swallow the Chalabi case, and give him a "Marc Rich" pass. From our Boi whose Cheney's sock puppet.

    For a WHite House where not much leaks out, it's still obvious they've created a mess they can't finish. And, they've got no idea what else to do. While there's a lot of jockeying for positions in the Mideast. Into IRan. Down through India. And, over to all the stinky-stans.

    We might not have a "cold war" no more ... but what's going on now is just so much worse. And, so much more expensive! What is the best way out?

  2. What is the best way out, indeed. I was against the invasion before it went down but believed the business about the WMD and the al Qaeda connection. We've known for some time that neither of those things were true, and I've seen enough evidence to convince me that the Bushies purposely cooked the intelligence in order to carry out their New American Century strategy.

    For a time, I though we needed to "stay the course" and make the best of a bad situation.

    Now I think it's all sunk cost. We should pull out of there at the earliest opportunity (like today).

    Thanks for stopping by and posting.