Friday, May 13, 2005

Blacker and Blacker

This from Walter Pincus of the WASHINGTON POST: it seems that seven months before the Iraq invasion, the head of British foreign intelligence reported to Prime Minister Tony Blair that President Bush wanted to topple Saddam Hussein by military action and that Washington intelligence was "being fixed around the policy."

Gasp! Say it ain't so!



  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    OKay. He figured a way "in." But he can't come "out." And, there's nothing left in Iraq except a mess. Lebanon's also a mess. Syria is connected to the Saudi-MENACE. And, the best Bush can do is dictate?

    A long time ago, when Joseph McCarthy finally lost all his marbles, there's old films of him ranting away in the senate. But everyone was gone. His powers to intimidate were no more.

    Then, we got Nixon to come out spewing. But how good was his presidential landslide to him? We've had one bad president after another.

    And, the Bush's may yet do more harm to the GOP than to just about any other body on earth. But, what do I know? I just keep watching in disbelief.

  2. Thanks for posting. Like you, I tend to think Bush will do (has done) irreparable harm to the GOP. Hey, he made me vote for a Democrat for the first time in my life!