Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday Drive By: the Bush-capades

I just caught the latest he said/she said debate on MSNBC between Pat Buchanan and what's-his-name. Buchanan; a typical "maverick" Republican--scratch the surface and you'll find a typical Republican, the kind for whom there's no greater virtue than loyalty to Bush.

The pretty girl--the blonde pregnant one, I think--brought up the revelations that Dick Cheney ordered Scooter Libby to leak parts of the classified National Intelligence Estimate to the press. She also mentioned that they've been screaming for the head of whoever it was that leaked the story about the NSA domestic spying program to The New York Times. She asked if they weren't being hypocritical.

Of course they aren't, according to Pat. They were well within their rights to release classified information to make the case for their invasion of Iraq.

That Pat could make a statement like that and not provoke outrage is a sign of just how numb the media and the public have become to the right wing's arrogance and audacity. Pat says its okay for the White House to reveal national secrets for propaganda purposes, and what's-his-name doesn't even bother to try to push back. It seems I've been watching Pat Buchanan kick what's-his-name's rear end for years now, and the only thing I can ever remember about what's-his-name is that I can never remember his name.

Maybe it's time for the left to put somebody up against Pat who can, oh, say, think and talk at the same time. (But please don't make it James Carville.)


Speaking of numb, I had my weekly Bush-capades phone discussion with my brother-in-law this morning. We both realized that the administration and the GOP have cut so many capers that between the two of us we can't keep track of all the stunts they've pulled in the last six or seven days.

The elephant won't even fit in the room anymore.

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  1. I think I've made this observation before, Jeff, but I think you have Buchanan pegged wrong. It's unfortunate that you're sometimes a little to swift to toss anyone who ever agrees with anything the administration does into this "echo chamber" pot of yours (I don't think Liebermann belongs in it either).

    Do you pay much attention to Buchanan? Ever read anything he's written on the Bush admin and Immigration? CAFTA? The budget?

    That's just for starters. I'll link you to this piece he wrote on neocons and the war in Iraq:

    Say want you will about Buchanan, he certainly doesn't embody any political philosophy that I care for, but if there's one thing that I doubt means a whit to him, it's loyalty to the Bush administration.