Tuesday, February 28, 2006

GOP Calls Ethics Questions Unethical

Read it and weep. Or laugh. Or both.



  1. How dare those nasty old Democrats publicize Republican crime?

  2. It's downright criminal!

  3. I'd say it runs right up against the ethical rules, though it doesn't look to me like it crosses over. They're trying to dance close to the line though.

    The unfortunate thing about all this is the Dems once again make a political mistake. This is important information on political corruption that people should know about. But because the Dems chose such an inflammatory name for the report, they play right into the hands of Republicans who want to call it a partisan smear job. It gives people just the excuse they need to ignore it.

    I think the information in the report is important, but the presentation chosen by the Democrats is unfortunate because it almost ensures that people will blow it off.

  4. Scott, I have to once again admire your post, but take exception to a particular item. I put it to you that the Republicans would have labelled this a "partisan smear job" even if the report had been labelled "A visit with Grandma Moses".

    They do not like sunshine. They do not like openness. They like the dark, smokey backroom atmosphere because it's easier for them to steal.

    IMO there MIGHT be a COUPLE of honest Republican politicians somewhere in the US, but based upon their actions in the last 14 years the entire party is an ongoing criminal enterprise.

    I honestly can't think of a single example in the last 10 years of honesty and forthrightness in any Republican action.

    I'm not claiming the Democrats are innocent in this concept. But if you ask a doctor whether it's more important to treat a cancer or an eczema rash, he'll vote for the excision every time. Even Dr Bill "cat killer" Frist would say that.

    The real answer, of course, is to take the money out of politics. Make ANY form of corruption a mandatory Federal offense, and enforce the laws. For myself, I favor a mandatory 10 year sentence at hard labor for the first offense, to be served cleaning up the hundreds of toxic waste sites the Republicans have refused to do anything about.

    Coupled with the mandatory hard labor, let's also seize ALL financial assets as forfeiture.

    Now that plan should please the "hard on crime" folks, eh?

  5. Lurch:

    I agree with everything you said in your post. And you are right, the Republican party would have labeled this as a smear job no matter what. But I think the Democrats have made it easier for the GOP to convince people of it. I'm not talking about the hard-core partisans. Nothing that comes out is likely to sway them. But I think you have a good number of middle-of-the-road voters who sometimes vote GOP, sometimes Dem, and at least a portion of them might be more inclined to dismiss the report. I will admit myself that when I first saw the title to the report, my initial thought was "Oh, yeah...this is really going to be objective." But looking further into it I thought, wow there are some important things in this report and they make some really good points.

    I wonder how many people will never get past the title or, if they do, will have the idea that it might be a politically-motivated report bias their reading of it?