Thursday, August 11, 2005

With a Capital "Q"

Bob Herbert calls it again on Iraq.

No end in sight. No plan to win. Lots of stories on why we went there in the first place.

No urgency from the administration. "Stay the course." "Stay till the job's done."

And no real description of what getting the "job done" consists of.

From Ellen Knickmeyer of The Washington Post:
Iraq's leaders and military will be unable to lead the fight against insurgents until next summer at the earliest, a top U.S. military official said Wednesday, trying to temper any hopes that a full-scale American troop withdrawal was imminent as Iraq moves toward elections scheduled for December.

Both Americans and Iraqis need "to start thinking about and talking about what it's really going to be like in Iraq after elections," said the military official, who spoke in an interview on the condition he not be named.

We're hearing from a lot of those "not be named" military guys, aren't we? This not to be named guy went on to say that:
...a significant spring withdrawal was "still possible." But while primary military responsibility for some parts of Iraq could likely be handed over even before the elections, the official said, U.S. forces would have to play a lead role in fighting the insurgency for at least a year.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Myers are still in their jobs.

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