Friday, August 05, 2005

I just caught a snippet, but on the MSNBC barking idiot program known as Connected Coast to Coast, retired General McCaffrey said something to the effect that "violent response to violence does not always produce desirable results."

This was in response to some think tank chickenhawk's attempt to equate Iraq with WWII, and who suggested that dropping a nuke might be an appropriate measure in our war/struggle/rhetoric/nobjob on terror/extremism.

It gives me some hope that a figure of General McCaffrey's stature is willing (and eminently able) to go on the Yahoo-sphere and try (or attempt to try) to inject a cc or two of sanity into the solution of the American mind-juice.

But I wonder how long it will take before the Rovewellians start smearing him (and accuse him of smearing them).

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