Monday, August 01, 2005

More Brave New World Dictionary

Further adventures in the English language as spoken by American politician figures:

According to Mr. Bush, Bolton's nomination has been blocked by a "handful" of Senators. So now "handful" means 40 or more, because that's how many Senators it takes to establish a filibuster.

Democrats opposing the nomination described Bolton as "dishonest." Mr. Bush is confident in Bolton's "integrity."

Almost overnight, a "war" turned into a "struggle," and "terrorism" became "violent extremism," even though nothing in the war/struggle actually changed. (But trust me, when it serves a political agenda, the word "war" will be invoked.)

Bolton accepted his new role as "permanent" Ambassador to the UN, even though his term will expire in January of 2007 when the new Congress convenes.

Senator Ted Kennedy said Bolton's nomination "evades the constitutional requirement" for Senate consent of presidential ambassador appointments, even though the constitution specifically allows recess appointments.

On the other side of the aisle, Republican Senators have consistently referred to the "constitutional duty" to bring nominees to an "up or down floor vote", yet the constitution says nothing about up or down votes.

It's all starting to sound like white noise to me.

On the bright side, nobody has asked me why I "hate America" today.



  1. I ain't to proud to beg...

    Why do you hate America?


    You've nailed the word game. Imagine what the 06 elections will bring us?!

    Speaking of elections, tomorrow's special in Ohio's 2nd district is wild, isn't it? SwingStateProject is all over it, huge Hackett support, and Crooks and Liars has been posting video of that Batshit Crazy Schmidt every time she opens her pie hole and lies come flying out. She's truly insane! Kos's diarists are sharing inside info too. Great reads!

  2. The whole thing gets me so depressed. I made the mistake of reading (in the August issue of Harper's) an article on the overwhelming evidence of Republican voter fraud in Ohio -- and how no one in the MSM wants to touch the subject.

    On the bright side, I'm reviewing a Frederick Pohl story for Tangent (it'll be in the September edition of Asimov's) that pictures a far grimmer future for the U.S. than you could possibly imagine. Or not. Your imagination might be a pretty scary place ;o)

  3. Perhaps the question should be turned around; why should we love America?


  4. "Perhaps the question should be turned around; why should we love America?"

    Bush and his gang of neo-fascistas are not America, the poor deluded 44% that approve of Commander Codpiece, those whom Lincoln described as "some of the people..." are a distinct minority.

    The question actually should be why shouldn't we fight the smarmy SOBs tooth and nail and give the America we grew up with to our children and grandchildren?

    If theses miscreants wish to live in a banana republic there are many to choose from but I'll not be a party to making America one of them.

  5. Doug,

    I've been working on a futuristic satire (2020) in which the real head of state is a giant lizard who lives in a bunker miles below the White House. I hope I'm not going to run into too much competition!


    Like Bobski, I prefer not to think of America as it's politicians--especially not the group of them we have now.


    Like you said... "Some of the people."

  6. Don't worry, Jeff. My head of state is a giant wingless parakeet. No one will ever get them confused.

  7. Jeff, now wait a second. Doug told me that you keep writing stories with outlandish premises but you're constantly trumped by reality. If you write that lizard story, dubya will turn into a giant gecko. (Hmmm, I seem to be having trouble with cause and effect. I've got to stop reading Republican talking points.) ;)


  8. No, Doug, a parakeet and a lizard should be easy to keep separate.


    Dubya turn into a Gecko? I think he's more likely to morth into a Komodo Dragon.