Monday, January 23, 2006

The War on Errorism

Georgia 10 at dKos gives us the real score in Mister Bush's Global War of Errors.


  1. Now if only Democrats could get that stuff into our talking points to attack the GOP's 2006 election strategy...

    Unfortunately I feel that we have too many Dukakis-types in the party who refuse to go negative. That's why it took Kerry over 2 weeks to respond to the Swift Boaters (after the damage was already done).

    When Clinton ran in '92, he had an entire section of his campaign HQ called the "defense department." It was dedicated not to responding to GOP attacks, but to flipping GOP attacks against Bush. Using their own message against them. If the GOP attacked Clinton for being soft on crime, they would get facts about how Bush was softER on crime and put them into talking points and attack ads, etc.

  2. That would work well with this Bush. Everything they attack the Dems about is something they're doing themselves.