Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jumpin' Jack

John in DC of AMERICAblog has a list of 299 donations Jack Abramoff made to Republicans and conservative special interest groups.

Scroll all the way down and next to the bottom you'll find an interesting name: Oliver North.

Birds of a feather, I guess.


  1. Abramoff is a bad guy and deserves every second of jail time. For the record, every member of Congress involved should be in jail as well.

    But let's not pretend Abramoff only made donations to Republicans. He was tied in to both parties at the highest levels of powers. Democrats who benefited from his monies include Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, and Dick Gephardt.

  2. Dad (retired Army) always said no Lt. (lite) Col. had the pull to do the things Ollie North took the fall for; someone higher up had to authorize him, officially or otherwise.

  3. Scott,

    I don't care what flavor of politician took what color of money. But I also think it's fairly obvious that Abramoff was mainly a GOP thing.


    That was what I thought at the time too. An O-5 pulling shenanigans like that on his own say so? I doubt it.

  4. Jeff:

    When I look at the two parties I see more similarity than difference. Same corruption, same nepotism, same disregard for the public and the law. Abramoff is mostly a Republican thing, but does that mean you ignore the Democratic component? Particularly a higly-placed Democrat like Reid?

    Remember when Delay got in trouble for having illegals on staff, and then suddenly Nanci Pelosi had to run out and file some papers to make her own actions legal?

    It's nonsense. Sure, the Democrats aren't in power right now, but they bear just as much watching as the GOP. They're the guys who want us to vote them in when we throw the GOP bums out, right? So sometimes it is frustrating to see a pretty good source so consistently partisan in approach. This is just about the only political blog I read anymore - I just wish you'd give the Democrats 'what for' when they deserve it, instead of giving it a pass.

    But it's your blog, and I'll read it regardless because it is fun and, importantly to me, you have a good temperament about things. This blog isn't filled with all the nasty drivel you see elsewhere - it's a class act.

  5. I'm not sure how I give Democrats a "pass." I'm concerned with abuse of power, and as you said, the Dems aren't in power.

    I don't trust politicians of any flavor. But I don't trust the party in power the most, and right now, that's the GOP.

  6. fbg461:11 PM

    Bi-partisan? Hmmmmmm, let's see . . .

    1. Jacky Boy, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist take over the College Republicans (not the College Dems) Back in the Day and use it as a test bed for how to buy a political party;

    2. K Street Project;

    3. Jacky Boy a "Pioneer", i.e., gave at least $100k of his own money to Dear Leader's campaign;

    4. Jacky Boy gives $172K of his own money to Repubs and to Dems he gives . . . nada.

    "Bi-partisan"? only if you get fooled by Jacky Boy throwing some money to the other side so the Repubs are ready with their "bi-partisan" talking points when the Whip Comes Down.

    Oh, and nobody's letting anybody off. If Dems get caught up in this, so be it.

  7. Yeah, 1st thing I do when any politician, from any party, starts speaking: grab my wallet. And then ask "what's it gonna cost me?"

    And/or "why do you think this will get you my vote?"

    Power corrupts. Political parties are more or less the same, since they're all made up of us weak human beings.

  8. You'll get no argument from me on that score, Jeff

  9. Take the same pile of rotten carcasses - grab 2, and you have the 2 major political parties.

    However, where the true corruption comes in, is from the lobbies, and their influence peddling. Those who are most greedy, fall hardest. Hence, republicans.

    This is why I generally side with Democratic candidates, but in truth I am Independent.

  10. BD,

    These days, that's more or less how I see it. The reason I'm not blasting too many Democrats these days is that they're not in power, haven't been for some time, and aren't the ones responsible for most of what's wrong right now.