Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Voice from the GOP "Base"

I couldn't resist posting this recent comment on a P&S post from October on the front page. I left the conrubutor's name off intentionally.
uninformed people thinks they are informed by new york time,cnn,ect ect,look it takes both partys to make the usa work and it TOOK BOTH to go to war not just bush so stop the hate stop
feeding the enemy with hope that we may quit they are the baby killers, leaving iraq ,even if we had never gone there they would still try to kill us the musselums
own koran tells them if we do not beleve in what they beleve its their duty to kill us DON,T YOU GET IT they are just like cristian zelots here except they kill so lets win get the boys home then let the political games begin so get over it

You need a license to hunt, fish, and drive, but anybody can make kids and vote.

Good thing those hunting, fishing, and driving tests are multiple choice, huh?


  1. Well, no, actually. "new york time, cnn, ect, ect, do NOT inform people, but that's another issue.

    The real problem is that it doesn't take two parties - sorry, "partys" to go to war. It just takes one lying, skeeving, scheming megalomaniac with some serious Oedipal issues, enabled by some fairly politically regressed Fascists, and an in the bag media.

    Sure wish this fella would cite just WHERE it supposedly says in the Qu'ran that it's their duty to kill. As I remember, you've got the "Dar al Islam" (House of Peace) and "Dar al Harb" (House of War) but I checked my english translation pretty carefully, and I couldn't find anything about that "killing all Christians" thing.

    However, I did find lots of stuff about people pretending to be Christians urging their fellows to kill Muslims - sorry "musselums".

  2. I sure wish this fellah could spell one big word right.

    And I wish the world weren't populated with so many like him.

  3. My news years resolution is to avoid all people like him (and other types of dumb folk). I think i may have already failed.

  4. Well, now that my 'more right than center' Marine Bro - and I have just about dismantled the Bible, and organized Christianity... our next goal is the Qu`ran. I saw some time back on Americablog that, John had posted a link to fill out an online form to recieve a copy of the Qu`ran absolutely free.

    So, I did. Beautiful book, wonderfully detailed, and huge. I would imagine this particular Qu`ran would cost upwards of $40-70 in any reputable bookstore.

    So, my really right-winger friends think I'm going to turn into a Muslim zealot.

    I really want to find out, just as my Marine Bro - if in fact some of these 'jihad' sayings being spread forth by the MSM, and right wing noise machine are really true. And, if all these beliefs of 70+ virgins upon death are true at all or not.

    We'll see.

  5. Keep us up to date, Barndog.

  6. Barndog:

    A good friend of mine just did the exact same thing, and told me last week he's less convinced after reading it that Islam is a peaceful religion. I thought I might do the same thing just to see for myself, although I know this guy to be trustworthy and have thoughtful opinions.

    As for the inane post - yes, the guy is a moron. I can find equally moronic posts made by liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, libertarians, etc., complete with inability to spell and use grammar, so I'm not sure what it is supposed to demonstrate, but at least it is funny.

  7. It's supposed to demonstrate that for some folks, that's the nature of the national debate.

  8. Haven't read the Qu'ran -- hell, I haven't ever read the Bible cover-to-cover! But my guess is each contains about as much violence as there's always been throughout human history.

    Whether either teaches 'kill those who believe differently' or not -- depends on who's leading the class. It's just like the How to Lie with Numbers book. You can back up any argument you want, one way or another, citing chapter and verse.

    But that lesson's a long tedious teaching process, for the rest of us, to enlighten people like commenter Mr. "get over it".

  9. Violence in the Bible? Really?