Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Humanitarian Workers Face Prison Time

This isn't typical P&S subject fare, but it's a story worth spreading. Over at ePluribus, Vivian Pettyjohn tells us of the plight of Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz, humanitarian workers with No More Deaths, one of several humanitarian organizations committed to ending the suffering in the Sonoran desert.
This particular Saturday, Strauss and Sellz found a group of 3 migrants who were suffering from drinking stagnant cow tank water. Migrants who are literally dying of thirst often drink from cow ponds as they get desperate. Ingesting water contaminated with bacteria and cow dung causes severe vomiting and a diarrhea that can be fatal. The on-call doctor instructed Strauss and Sellz to take the vomiting migrant to St. Mary's Emergency Room. They were arrested en route by the Border Patrol, charged with transport of illegal aliens, and now face a 15-year sentence in federal prison.

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