Saturday, June 04, 2005

Red Faced in Virginia Beach

In an earlier post, Join Now and Avoid the Draft, I described reports of ominous threats from Army recruiters that if they don't get enough volunteers, they'll have to reintroduce the draft. This appears to be happening.

And Republican Senator Chuck Hagel did make a lot of noise about bringing back the draft--but he made it more than a year ago. The way I wrote Join Now, it appears that he made his remarks on the subject last week.

That was extraordinarily careless of me. Yes, the possibility of a draft is a real and serious issue, but by shifting the time frame of Senator Hagel's remarks, I made the possibility seem more immediate than it actually is.

The Pen and Sword site is opinion-editorial, not "news;" one designed to persuade (and hopefully entertain) rather than inform. Nonetheless, I have an obligation to base my arguments on reasonably verifiable facts presented in a reasonably accurate manner.

With Join Now and Avoid the Draft, I failed to meet that obligation.

Please accept my apologies. I've removed the post from the site, and will replace it with a more accurate commentary at a later date.

Jeff Huber


  1. You're too funny. In a very sweet way.

    Tell me, Jeff, is there Catholicism in your blood? Cuz no one does guilt like a Catholic!

    Whoever complained? should be happy now. I'm taking notes; telling complainers on CB to "fuck off and die rat bastard!" hasn't won me many friends ;-)

    Integrity is a virtue, and you have it in spades.

  2. Yeah, well, like millions of people read that post.

    Nonetheless, you just never know, given the nature of the b-sphere, when someone will pick up a piece, roll it, and next thing you know...

    "Bush bashing bloggers launch disinformation campaign, claim 'draft is pending.'"

    Thanks for the kind words.


  3. The original post was still a good one, Jeff. I'm not sure the time frame causes too much of a misimpression, but I can understand the desire to clarify. Thanks for that.


  4. Thanks to you too, Scott. I think the big thing is that I have more coming on the subject of a draft, and I think we'll hear more and more almost-rational sounding support of it.

    So I don't want to start off with something that would look to some like a "cheap trick." We have enough cheap trick rhetoric as it is (as in my bit on Krauthammer.)

    Pleasure to have you stop by again.