Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Operational Pause for the Cause

I'm taking a short break in South Carolina where my pup Shady and I are visiting relatives. By this weekend I should be back with Part VI of the Iran series, in which we'll examine the possible consequences of an attack on that country.




  1. I couldn't quite figure out whose relatives you were visiting, yours or Shady's. But whatever, hope you have a good time in good old South Carolina the home of Beaufort, MCAS.

    I've noticed that recently more Navy guys have been getting killed in Iraq. Is that because the Navy is assigning these poor kids to roles they normally would not have been required to perform because the Navy is worried it is not getting enough of the action.

    By the way, we won't be hitting Iran until our carriers line up in the Persian Gulf. The Harry S Truman is leaving any day now. Don't you think we'll have to have at least three carriers groups in the area before we attack.

    Oh, one other thing. I see that during the summer the Harry S Truman put a Torah on it. It is on permanent display so that when the Truman strikes at Iran it will be sending not only its planes but a message to the Muslims that the USA and Israel are one. Do you think that will cause the Muslims to be more willing to surrender?

    Listening to Senator McCain tonight in the Republican debate it is all but certain we are going to hit Iran. General Petraeus is continually beating the drums saying that we are losing because the Iranians are interfering. It is like everyone forgot about Vietnam where we were losing because the enemy used foreign countries to house their troops.

    Anyway, good posts and have fun with Shady and his/her relatives.

  2. llyonnoc,

    I like the Carolinas but Shady's relatives are such a bore.

    Regarding Iran and the carriers: I think it's entirely possible that they might get the Navy out of the Gulf before they strike Iran. Not likely, but that eliminates a critical vulnerability.


  3. Enjoy, looking forward to reading about the fun we'll have in Iran! (sarcasm off)

  4. Have a great time! I'm picturing Shady's flapping ears and happy smile out the side window of your vehicle.
    Best, M

  5. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Have fun and a well deserved break


  6. ozebloke2:40 AM

    Have a good time commander.

    Didn't you love Erik Prince's testimony re payments to shot Iraqis - $15K.. Any more would only encourage them to get shot!)

    Doing the math if they'd paid each Iraqi $15K up front to depose Saddam (the Middle East's original Hitler) x 25 million Iraqis = 375 billion

    You would have saved a lot of blood and treasure - theirs and yours.

  7. William Bollinger1:30 PM


    Time to give the Air Force back to the Army?

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