Sunday, August 13, 2006

Slacker Sunday

What I got from this Morning's Meet the Press

Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff said he doesn't do domestic politics. (Uh, then why is he on Meet the Press?)

Former Governor Thomas Keane of the 9/11 Commission says fighting the war in Iraq is not protecting the American people. We needed a 9/11 commissioner to tell us that?

What's the best way to make Howard Dean look good? Follow him up with Ken Mehlman.


If Iraq is the "central front" in the "war" on terror, why are the terrorists we're hearing about now come from Canada, Britain and the U.S.A.?


From MSNBC: The Israeli cabinet has agreed to the "immediate" cease-fire, but the fighting won't stop until Monday morning. Israel says it won't withdraw from Lebanon until the UN "peacekeepers" are in place. Hezbollah says it will keep fighting as long as Israeli forces remain in Lebanon.

Now that's what I call immediacy!


Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) on Face the Nation said that we need to take politics out of the war on terror and then squeezed in four or five GOP political talking points.

Ned Lamont sounded pretty good. Fighting them over there isn't keeping us from having to fight them over here. Lamont sounds smart without sounding like a politician. (Uh, did I just make a funny?)


I still hope against hope that the fighting in Lebanon stops soon, but the peace deal still shows all the earmarks of diplomacy that's designed not to work.


Chertoff again, on Late Edition this time, talking about how U.S. telephone monitoring helped catch the British terror plotters. If the NYT story on NSA domestic surveillance did so much damage to the program, why is it still working so well?

And how come it's okay for Chertoff to talk about it--as it figured in a specific case no less--but not the NYT and other news outlets?


Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) writes from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Read his commentaries at ePluribus Media and Pen and Sword.


  1. navywife1:20 PM

    re: NSA wiretapping
    The big deal about the wiretapping was the warrentless tapping of American phones by a US agency. Unless I'm mistaken, the nsa has always tapped whoever they feel like in Britain or Pakistan or where ever else they feel like and mi6 and the ISI just go along with it. so the fact that the NSA was tapping phones in england is no big news and has no bearing whatsoever on the warrentless tapping of Americans. chertoff and the others are just trying to confuse the issue by making one program look like another. and other than chertoff, who says the nsa had anything to do with it anyway? and why is chertoff heralding a DOD program rather than someone in the DOD?

    re: iraq = "central front"

    but all those terror cells were stocked with people who had trained in Iraq with the insurgents, right? what? they trained in pakistan? oh, nevermind.

  2. All that wireless phone tapping is done by NSA through the same technologies, regardles of what "program" or "authorization" it's done under.

    The NYT and others didn't tell the bad guys anything they didn't already know. They just told AMCITS their rights were being violated.