Friday, July 21, 2006

Info War Update: "Tonight's the Night"

MSNBC's Tucker Carlson, reporting from Haifa, looking and sounding like a college freshman nine beers into his first frat kegger, is babbling about the "invasion" of Lebanon that's coming "probably tonight."

Nope, I'm not one bit impressed with the carnival sideshow the cable news networks are making of this war.

Bring on Cybil the Soothsayer!


  1. You have a stronger stomach than I do. I will not watch "Tucker the .......".
    So... do you think the Israelis are preparing the films for the upcoming "Shock and Awe?"

    Iraq has truly been a gift for the right-wingers in Israel.

    Lebanon is probably a nice relief (for the newz providers in the US) from the realities in Iraq.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Just throwing this out there...does anyone think this whole conflict is an engineered ploy? I have a feeling the good old U.S. is getting ready to attack Syria and Iran. Thoughts?

  3. Nunya and anyonymous,

    I don't know what's going on, though I probably have a better idea than the likes of Tucker Carlson do.

    We'll see what the morning news brings.

  4. Y dont the US government get it over and done with - declare war on the whole of the middle east, esp those with oil. Then it'll b done with.

    Whats annoying me the most is how they r side-stepping all the time; and treating us like we r stupid.

    I dunno - mayb I am.

  5. Here's some comic relief. I'm listening to Alan Colmes, and he's got some CIA guy on - Wayne Simmons I think - and they're talking about Murtha. The CIA guy starts talking about how psyops, if properly run, can devastate and enemy, and then he says that John Murtha is waging a psyops campaign against our own military.

    That got me laughing pretty hard. How can people make such comments in a serious discussion?

  6. And what does Simmons call what he's doing? Counter-psyops?

  7. Seven of Six1:55 AM

    Just throwing this out there...does anyone think this whole conflict is an engineered ploy?

    Yes, I truly feel that our own government could have set this whole thing up. Makes the whole Syriana movie be more like non-fiction. If you all think I have my tin foil hat on to tight let me know.

  8. Sorru Musmanno: You said Alan Colmes and a supposed CIA mouthpiece snapping off Murtha? I thought used the word "serious."

    I truthfully have no idea what Colmes' true political views are. I suspect he was offered the job and told "you're going to play the part of the hapless and ineffectual Liberal. You'll always be the second banana, but we're paying you for it."

  9. A Syriana scenario? Who knokws, but can you completely dismiss the possibility?

  10. Here's an interesting article from the on
    Friday, July 21, 2006
    Matthew Kalman, Chronicle Foreign Service

    Israel set war plan more than a year ago
    Strategy was put in motion as Hezbollah began increasing its military strength