Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rumble in Ramadi

From "Stand Up! Stand Down! Fight! Fight! Fight!"
Lieutenant Colonel Raad Niaf Haroosh, commander of the Iraqi battalion in Ramidi, only has 145 of his troops committed to the operation. He left 500 of them back in Mosul. Why? According to Colonel Raad, it's because they fear that they'll create tribal vendettas if they kill fellow Iraqis. "They said, 'We don't want fight our own people.'"

Isn't that dandy? NPR reports that recruits have to pay a $600 bribe to get into Colonel Raad's battalion. If I could serve in a battalion where I didn't have to fight if I didn't want to, I'd pay money to get into it too. Staying back at the base and peeling potatoes beats the heck out of getting shot at.

See the entire commentary at ePluribus Media.


  1. Great article, Jeff...just when I was feeling hopeful with all the talk of withdrawl....didn't we have similar problems in Vietnam with the SVA and ARVN?

  2. Yeah, the problem was similar but not identical. I'd have to re-research that aspect to Vietnam, but the religious/tribal issues weren't quite the same.

    Same basic result, though.

  3. Reading ur blog is a revelation. As someone living outside of the US, its hard to know whats going on inside. Which is scary in itself - because US policy dictates what happens in so many countries. Even on my tiny island.... Britain. Although we have been reassured by the US administration that we are special many times - how nice.

  4. Tahnia,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Even scarier to me is that at this point, most Americans don't like the policies that are affecting the whole world.

  5. Americans will get a chance to express that dislike in November. We'll see what they do with it.

  6. Have any midterm elections meant so much? I only ask because I lived in ignorant political bliss until the 21st century.

    PS, Musmanno--I've adored your avatar for some time. I loved both Kill Bill flicks.

  7. Thanks, Ariadne. I like yours as well. Initially I took it to be a "Venus & Adonis" of some sort, but now I'm not so sure. I don't recognize it.

    The fact that you appreciate Pei Mei (and also have South Park and Team America listed in your favorite movies) are commendable :)

    As for this midterm election - I don't know that there were any more important ones in the past. Have to think on that. Unfortunately the Dems aren't treating them as important as they need to -not by half. On a positive note, however, the Democrat challenger is leading the GOP incumbent for Senate in my RED state. Whereabouts are you in the midwest? I'm smack in the middle of Missouri.