Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yes, We Could Have

The commander-in-chief’s new call sign: Cave Man.

Media louts are pounding the tom-toms about how now that Obama’s domestic agenda is receiving taking final sacraments, he can focus on becoming a “foreign policy president.”   Jesus in a camisole.  The only kind of foreign policy president young Mr. Obama can become is the kind young Mr. Bush was: a hapless servant of the Pentarchy that aims to keep American is a constant state of war throughout this American Century and into the next one.  Obama won’t have to work very hard to become that

I noted in early 2009 that Obama should have transferred Gates, Mullen, Petraeus, Odierno and the rest of his war domos to civilian command the nanosecond after that Bush appointed Chief Justice screwed up his oath of office.  I further noted that he should have fired them all when they pushed him to send more troops to the Bananastans but couldn’t tell him what they do with them once they got there.  When Bananas Stan McChrystal finally got so cocky Obama didn’t have any choice but to fire him, he should have sent the rest of the four-star hooligans assigned to Fort Palooka as well. 

But Obama didn’t do any of those things.  Instead, he put the head Praetorian, King David, in charge of the banana stand, thereby insuring that no withdrawal timeline would ever be adhered to in that theater of war, just like the timelines have been blown off in Iraq.  Baghdad is under siege again.  I forget how many times that makes, or how many six-month Friedman units ago we turned that corner for the first time. 

The bad news is that Obama now admits we won’t even be able to think about turning responsibility for Afghanistan over to the Afghans until 2014.  The good news is that outgoing defense secretary Bob Gates is “upbeat” about our legacy in Afghanistan, and hopes that his tenure in office has brought confidence about the U.S. role in that part of the world.  If he’s talking about our plight as unwanted and failed occupiers, yeah, I’m as confident about our performance in that role as I could possibly be.

I’m also confident in the future of our role as a stooge of Israel.  According to Likudnik megaphone JTA (they don’t say what “JTA” means for but I have a pretty good guess what the “J” stands for), Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu is positively swaggering over the recent GOP takeover of the House of Representatives.   He’s so sure he can get anything he wants now that he’s making hee-haw noise about how “Containment will not work” against Iran.  I’m guessing Bibi figures the Palestinians can go suck a gas pipe too. 

The man who started us down this road has been polluting the information environment plugging the autobiography that somebody else wrote for him.  Dubya’s telling every microphone that won’t run away from him that he did everything he did because lawyers like ‘Berto Gonzales and John “Fu Man” Yoo told him it was all legal so they can’t put him in jail.  And I’m guessing that Billy Graham told Bush he couldn’t go to hell for any of it either.

For going on two years now I’ve been thinking that Obama was at least better than the alternative we were stuck with.  I’m beginning to think differently.  Grampaw Pettibone and Tea Bag Barbie would have sold us out to the Pentarchs too, but they would likely have destroyed the GOP in the process.  As things stand, Obama has pretty much planted a pair of shiny new pennies on the “Democrat” Party’s eyelids. 

Of course, Obama had a lot of help sailing his party down the River Styx.  Take my old congressman (please), Glen Nye.  Sons of the daughters of the Great Enlightenment turned out in ’08 to meet the Virginia Hillbilly GOP horde and put him in office to promote a progressive agenda: you remember, health care, end the war little stuff like that.  Glen voted against Obama and with the zombies damn near every chance he got.  Then come 2010 campaign time, he spent all the money his Democratic backers gave him on ads bragging about how he’d voted with the Republicans.  He was no doubt as shocked as Captain Renault when Virginia Democrats didn’t turn out to vote for him a second time. 

Where do we find such liberals?


  1. Well, if the GOP really did take a dive in '08 then the strategy is definitely paying off. Well played, fellows. Now hurry up and finish what you started, i.e. running everything into the ground. The sooner you're done, the sooner we can get started building something new.

    As for Obama, he did give the Nobel prize money to charity. So that's something else positive for his legacy besides, "he gave great speeches."

  2. Surrender first...then try to find a compromise....Jeebuz

  3. Yes, so we can negotiate from a position of weakness.

  4. Hell, Commander, Democrats like your Rep are everywhere.

    Run as Democrats, take Democratic campaign dollars, and once elected - vote with Republicans, and then come back to the voters and ask them to let you do it again next time.

    (At least we, here in Texas know for sure that the two parties in this state are both Republican.)

    Between White House staffers calling us "f***ing retards" and the cat food commission... wanting to reduce senior's social security and medicare, wanting veterans to co-pay for treatment required, because they got shot up in a stupid war, nobody doing anything about DADT, teachers being told they are the problem with the schools, auto workers being told "to h*** with the UAW," the people who run this administration managed to insult just about every segment of the Democratic base.

    We elected a President, to lead, not a CEO.... who appoints committees, and avoids decisions.

    We didn't get what we paid for.

    No wonder there is an "enthusiasm gap". And... no wonder people stayed home from the polls, in huge numbers.

  5. BTW - it was always a slight comfort knowing that Nancy Pelosi was 3rd in line to become President.

    IMHO - she has more political savvy in her little finger, than most of the DLC has in their collective heads.

    This is why over $65 million has been spent to demonize - and try to get rid of her.

    Blue Dogs are scared out of their wits by a fired up.... organized Progressive base.

    Every time I hear somebody talk about "governing from the middle" the famous (or infamous) words of Jim Hightower come to mind:
    "There ain't nothin' in the middle of the road but yellow stripes... and dead armadillos."

    Words to live by.

  6. Another nail for the imperial coffin:

    Billions can be saved in defense budget: McCain

    (And Captain Obvious has been a busy superhero lately, hasn't he?)

    "There's no doubt that this new group of Republicans have come in with a commitment that would take a weed ax to spending," McCain told an event hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative." I'm not sure that we could say that everything in defense is sacrosanct while the rest of these cuts in education and social programs, etcetera, are taking place."

    If you run that through the Babel FishTranslator, you get:

    "We're going to screw the veterans as hard as we're screwing everybody else. Have a nice day."

    Here's a funny line from John McCain's entry on Wikipedia:

    His chances of being promoted to rear admiral were better, but McCain declined that prospect, as he had already made plans to run for Congress and said he could "do more good there."

    He sure did!

  7. I'm curious Cdr., about whether you think Mrs Clinton would have been a better choice. Personally, I remain conflicted. One of the reasons I supported Obama was that I KNEW that another Clinton presidency would have been nothing but roadblocks,lies, assaults, mouths frothing, and humongous donations to all organizations wishing to destroy the nation. (read: republican) What I did not "know" was that Obama's desire to get along would prevent him from seeing the reality that is or that the rest of the party would continue to test the failed tactic of running to the right over and over and over again.

    I also have no idea what planet I was supposed to be born on but, I'm pretty sure a mistake was made.

  8. In a McCain presidency we would have had to learn Chinese by now.

    In a Hillary presidency we'd be speaking cockroach.

  9. Victory around the corner:

    U.S. deploying heavily armored battle tanks for first time in Afghan war

    Now if they can just find a way to reanimate Gen. Patton's corpse, then the war is as good as won!

  10. Four really good belly laughs in one post, oh thank you thank you thank you :)

  11. I'm pretty sure the GOP could have won the last election had they wanted to. Winning another term was not in their best interest.

    Inserting a democratic president to 'set up' as the 'ultimate loser' was a plan that's going to see them reelected frequently in future. Regaining America's lost 'honor' by screwing over the liberal middle class and the non-productive poor in order to maintain the ramparts of democracy and the 'rights of the worthy' is a platform that will put them in that catbird's seat again.

    Obama has done to the Democrats what the US electorate should have done to the warmongers, set them up so they won't have a successful administration again for a couple of decades.