Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Corner Turned

This just arrived in the email:
Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Sunday, March 23, 2008 -- 10:27 PM ET

4 Soldiers Killed in Baghdad, Pushing A.P. Count to 4,000 Killed in Iraq

The U.S. military said four American soldiers were killed by
a bomb in Baghdad, raising The Associated Press's count of
the U.S. death toll in the war to at least 4,000.

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Ah, me. Well.

I can’t wait to see what I do to the first jackass I hear say that they would have all died in a car accident anyway.


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    In the immortal words of your Creep Veep... So?

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    NPR had a touching story on MAJ Alan Rodgers who was killed in January.

    It is frustrating to feel so powerless to stop this insanity.

  3. Thanks for the link, WK.

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Tom Toles expressed my sentiments at the following website:

    (except I would have put in "the gesture.")


  5. Skip the car accident comments, go straight to the martial drumbeat for war with Iran:

    And don't miss this for more fear-mongering hi-larity: I'm Trying to Scare You to Death!

  6. Hopefully some 527 will play McCain's, "A Tousand Years", "Bomb Bomb Iran, and other stuff repeatedly. unless Hillary steals it. Then it don't matter anyways.

  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Only to congratulate the Bush government. It now, as a revenge, has caused the death of more Americans than did 9/11.


    (Not anonymous, but writing my blog-URL here renders me appr. 1.000 blogspam, which I try to avoid :-()

  8. Lovely to hear from you, Kerstin.

  9. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Thank you for your kindness Jeff.
    I do not write many comments here (due to the awareness that the more I write in English, the more linguistic mistakes I make :-)), but I can assure you that I read every post on your blog with greatest interest.


  10. Hi,
    thanks for the article. When one thinks about all this, he must come to the conclusion the world is mad place to live, when you imagine the fact the revenge, has caused the death of more Americans than did 9/11, as has been said in the comments already.