Monday, November 26, 2007

Drive By Radio Opportunity

I had a great time Monday night talking with Karen Kwiatkowski on National Forum. Karen, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, was one of the first folks to blow the whistle on Dick Cheney's Office of Special Plans and their scheme to cook the intelligence on Iraq.

You can catch a replay of the broadcast here.


  1. Hi Jeff, long time reader, first time poster..

    Thanks for linking the mp3 of the interview. It was kinda funny how you just started rolling on stuff about Iran when the first commercial break came in. Up to that point I was just waiting for ms. K to let you start talkin' heh. Got very interesting when you started getting into the energy implications and the ludicrous nature of some of the 'threats' being waved about as justifications for some of the current policies.

    I think maybe your essays operate at an intellectual level that is just hard to sustain in the sort of 'slightly forced casual' context a radio interview provides? But it was good stuff, warmed up a lot after 20 minutes in.. And interesting to hear the voice behind the writing!

    I'd like to hear more about what your thoughts are on possible resolutions to all these issues, I think you've pretty much been comprehensive about a lot of the whos whys and hows about the history of the mess with our current foreign policy but what are the next steps? If someone with a bit of global, long-term perspective takes the presidency next year how can they start to repair the situation?

    Anyway I'm a huge fan and always look forward to new posts on the pen and sword.
    -andy c

  2. Welcome, Andy. Thanks for the note. Hope to hear a lot more from you.