Friday, January 05, 2007

Navy Admiral Goes to CENTCOM: Be Very Afraid

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The "new way forward" team is taking shape. Robert Gates is in as Secretary of Defense. John Negroponte will move from Director of National Intelligence to Assistant Secretary of State. Retired Vice Admiral Michael McConnell will take Negroponte's old job as DNI. Raw Story reports that Lieutenant General David Petraeus, the former day-to-day commander in Iraq, to replace General George Casey as the overall commander of U.S. forces in that country.

The news that has everyone a bit agog is that the head of Central Command, General John Abizaid, will be relieved by Admiral William J. Fallon.

ABC reports that "Fallon, who is in the Navy, is currently head of Pacific Command; he will be overseeing two ground wars, so the appointment is highly unusual."

I think ABC is missing the point.

It seems highly unusual for a navy admiral to take charge of CENTCOM until you consider two interrelated things. First is that Bush needs a senior four-star in the CENTCOM job who hasn't gone on record as opposing additional troops in Iraq. Second is that Fallon's CENTCOM area of responsibility will include Iran.

A conflict with Iran would be a naval and air operation. Fallon is a naval flight officer. He flew combat missions in Vietnam, commanded an A-6 Intruder squadron, a carrier air wing and an aircraft carrier. As a three-star, he commanded Second Fleet and Strike Force Atlantic. He presently heads U.S. Pacific Command. His resume also includes duty in numerous joint and Navy staff billets, including Deputy Director for Operations with Joint Task Force Southwest Asia in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia.

If anybody knows how to run a maritime and air operation against Iran, it's "Fox" Fallon.

No Check, No Balances

The legislature's options for keeping Mr. Bush from sending more troops to Iraq is limited, but if he decides to unilaterally attack Iran, there's virtually nothing Congress can do to stop him.

Bush and his legal beagle Alberto Gonzales could probably claim that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from September 2001 gives the executive power to exert armed force against Iran, especially given the echo chamber's recent rhetoric about Iran being responsible for the violence in Iraq. And if you've been listening closely enough, you've heard the subliminal message associating Iran with the 9/11 attacks.

But Bush and Gonzales have a fallback position that's darn near bulletproof. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 gives a president up to 90 days to commit forces to combat without permission from Congress. Ironically, the resolution was passed in the wake of the Vietnam conflict to prevent a president from waging extended conflicts without a declaration of war or "specific statutory authorization" from Congress, but today it gives Bush all the ammunition he needs to start a war with Iran (or anyone else, for that matter) on his own say so.

It's doubtful the Supreme Court could stop him; and even more doubtful that it would if it could.

The only chance of checking whatever aggressive ambitions Bush may have on Iran would be a passive coup by the senior members of the administration's civilian and military security team through a group resignation, and hoping for that is, well, hopeless. After the latest round of musical deck chairs is complete, everybody still on board will have signed on to the program in blood (somebody else's, of course).

What's even more frightening is that the escalation strategy--that includes more troops in Iraq, an expansion of the military and use of armed force against Iran--comes from the core neoconservative cabal headed by Bill Kristol and supported by Dick Cheney that got us into our Middle East miasma in the first place.


Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) writes from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Read his commentaries at Pen and Sword.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    As stated earlier: Oh dear, oh dear, they are actually going to do it, and damn the consequences. Get ready for an apocalyptical struggle with Iran, involving nukes. Shit.

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    BUT, your link to contains one serious flaw: It speaks about the current AIPAC pressure as a "jewish" pressure, wich is a stupid and almost racist way to put it. The "jewish" nation is a big nation, it contains many fractions. Correct term would be "Israeli-zionist-hawk lobby", or around there.

  3. I totally agree with you on that score.

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Thanx. Its important to not get racist/stupid. My muslim contacts are shocked at the moment.

    Btw, have you seen Wargame-simulation of a conflict... Do you think the US military has the autonomy to refuse a mission that is clearly semi-suicidal?

  5. The similarity may become more apparent shortly. ;-)

  6. Can you please go further than agreeing with mk's tip on the racism and stupidity of Prof. MacDonald's article and explicitly disavow Prof. MacDonald's views? The sentence with the offensive hyperlink at the cross-posting of your piece at has been deleted. Maybe you could do the same here?

  7. Joel,

    If I reference something by George W. Bush or Dick Cheney or Stalin or Lenin or Hitler or whoever, does that mean I endorse everything they say?

    I think not.

  8. Jeff, I appreciate your deleting the link to MacDonald's article. I didn't mean to imply that you do endorse MacDonald's views. I think MacDonald's views are abhorrent. I hope you and all your readers agree with me. Joel

  9. Paine,

    I can't say how to define what a president does when he does what he "believes" in. Delusional, certainly. Treasonous? Well. That's for someone else to decide.


    The more I looked at that article the more I decided it didn't need to be linked from this site, and that I didn't need what few "facts" it contained to support my arguments.

    Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention.



  10. Anonymous7:06 PM

    My first thought when I saw this news was that the Army is thin on people he could get to agree to what he wants to do on the ground, so he went to the Navy. That was a bad enough thought, but your interpretation is entirely too plausible.

  11. One of the many efforts that helped bring the troops home from the American-Vietnamese War was by the Troops themselves. Another massive effort is needed by the Troops of today. I don't see the breakdown of discipline as I saw in the 70's as a contributing factor this time. Of course the regular is now more educated. So a more intellectual approach is needed.

    One of the powers not listed that could be used to divert War with Iran is We the People. Coming up late this month there will be demos in DC and around the Nation. The more the merrier.

    Is it just me, but does the term "New Way Forward" have a decidedly Red Chinese/NO. Korea propaganda ring to it?

    I think the Bush Regime will have to instill a greater sense of Terror among the American People to start a conflict with Iran.Like 911/Anthrax we are due to be attacked again by the Bush Regime. We must do everything in our power to stop it.

    Knowing the capabilities of the CG's to withstand attack, the Gulf is tight and they will be subjected to massive kamikaze tactics using small fast attack craft in both Air and Sea. In addition their Anti Ship missile and mining capabilities are well proven. Ergo, a loss of a Carrier be it Amphip or Strike will give the Bush Regime the excuse to launch WMD.


  12. The previous poster spoke of "We the People", and scheduled public gatherings - the DC demonstration, a massive march, I hope, is on Saturday, January 27. For more info, see

  13. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Iran, stand by to be boarded.

  14. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Watching lefty-progresso-liberals quiver with glee/fear/etc is absolutely amazing. Um...weren't you guys absolutely, 100% sure, rock-solid certain that America would attack Iran in 2002? and 2003? and 2004? and 2005? and 2006? and so on...?

  15. SEVEN OF SIX - I'll answer the second - By the bio provided he attended both the Navy and National War Colleges.
    I've never heard of the National War College. Now I know what my next search terms will be :)

    mistacharley - Thanks for the date. I'll be there.

  16. Anonymous3:30 AM

    This won't go down very well with your readers, but, here goes:

    How can you, as a former Naval Officer, Aviation yet, possibly come so close to a suggestion for a coup of the government you've sworn to up-hold?
    It's one thing to disagree and provide an opposing point of view, but to wish for a mass resignation and then say your dream is hopeless... what are you suggesting? Your nonsensical conclusions are based on un-proven suppositions fostered by your need to write something inflammatory.

    You have come far too close to the forbidden for any military person, active or not. I'm sure you realize the rest of the "brown shoes" are walking the other way!

  17. Anonymous,

    The notion of military or civilian officers resigning or retiring in protest is hardly new. It has happened quite often, and is a far cry from the kind of "coup" you're talking about. Part of the reason State has so many vacancies now is because of resignations/retirements. General Batiste is on record as saying he retired, turning down a third star, because he did not want to serve under Rumsfeld any longer. In most cases, such resignations are considered honorable acts of conscience.

    Nothing I said here is anwhere near the "forbidden." I am on record as saying that an actual banana republic style coup would not only be wrong, it would be the worst possible resolution to our present situation.

    The brown shoes who are "walking the other way" might want to read what I actually said. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you locked onto the word "coup" and didn't absorb the rest of the sentence. If that's not the case, you have essentially made a strawman attack on me, which is a cheap trick of rhetoric.

    My motivation in writing this sort of peace is concern for the country I spent my adult life defending, both physically and morally. I didn't defend the Constitution for two decades to stand by idly while a group of ideologues wipe their shoes on it, nor will I be silent while those ideologues use our military for purposes I believe are contrary to America's national interest.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinions, and you are welcome to post them here. I would appreciate it, however, if you address your remarks regarding me to what I actually say.

    Best regards,

    Jeff Huber

  18. SOS,

    I never wrote anything about the Chinese sub incident because I never read enough detail about it to figure out what actually happened.

    This kind of thing sounds embarrassing at first report, but there is an endless set of possible mitigating circumstances.

    One plausible scenario is that the battle group had already tracked and "prosecuted" the target, and stopped playing because it had other things to do and other places to be.

    But I don't really know what happened, so...

  19. David,

    You too are entitled to your opinions and are welcome to post them here.

    Let me point out, however, that one doesn't need to be a lefty-progressive-liberal to be concerned about the commander in chief ordering a strike on Iran, and that expressing those concerns does not constitute "quivering."

    I don't know who these "you guys" you refer to are. This guy has never been 100 percent certain of much of anything, much less of a strike on Iran. I do, however, fear the consequences of such an action. I also do not trust Mr. Bush's judgement or that of his principle advisers, who are, at the end of the day, the same crew that got us into our Iraq situation.

    Quite frankly, I don't see how a rational person who cares about the future of our country and our world could NOT be concerned about these things.

  20. Anonymous9:58 AM

    If Bill Cristol is one of the chief promoters of a "surge"...then of course is must be about something to Israel's advantage,,,Does the man take any decision without asking that the question"Is it right for Israel" worries about the's only Israel that matters...even if they lead Bush and the USA into a bottomless pit of death...I think it's called..Chutzpah !!is that the word ??

  21. It's rather obvious, from reading the PNAC's paper trail, that Israel's security was a key component of the neocons' Middle East policy. I'm on record as being all for protecting Israel, I just don't think we need to invade and occupy most of the Middle East to accomplish that.

    And I've come to the conclusion that Zionist neocons (not sure that's the best term for them) like Kristol have entirely too much influence of U.S. foreign policy, but I think of Kristol's motivations and Israel's security as separate things, though I know it's often hard to separate them. ;-)

  22. Anonymous10:33 AM

    When you get into figuring Israeli-hawk motivations, its important to note the very hard decline that country has gone through politically. A larger and larger fraction of the Israeli political community has become more and more openly racistic, advocating ethnic cleansing and the ploicy of the gun. Seymour Hersh wrote a book called "The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy" in 1991 wich describes how the Israelis see their nuclear policies: As a usable weapon of revenge. If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran, and Iran answers with rockets, the Israelis are quite prepared to take the whole world down with them.

    Please note that I have nothing whatsoever against Israeli citizens as individuals, and have been a longtime supporter of the Israeli peace-movement. However, fascism is fascism no matter what nationality it belongs to, and a lot of the current Israeli rhetoric is clearly fascistic in its viewpoints. It seems the leaders of men have become entrenched in the "Will to Power" paradigm, that if only they have a strong and ruthless will, the world will fall into place. Well, as the event of the suicidebombers should prove, the opposition has an equally ruthless will. Its like watching a catastrophic game of chicken played out by anabolic frat-boys. Oy Vey. Thanx for deleting the link, btw.

  23. It is so strange that the MSM continues to claim the Bush has great support in the military.
    Most know what a sh** bag he is.

    Anon (re coup)- Many also consider the duty of the Officer to resign if he/she cannot back the policy.
    I have already called for a non violent coup. Including e-mails to the members of JCS and the PA Officers of each branch. Used my real name too, since that could be easily found out.

    Anon (re predictions of an attack on Iran) - Bunching people together and putting words in our mouths is sure to win any argument. Speaking for myself, I predicted a June 2006 attack. I think some in Military might of countered it along with the Iranians themselves. What the MSM does not tell you is that for of all four Major Exercises held in the Gulf last year, the Iranians followed suit with four of their own. They are not the least intimidated by what your Glorious Leader says. If you recall the Iranians had massive waves of teenage boys rush the Iraqi lines during the War between the 2. They had a plastic "Key to the Kingdom" in one hand and a grenade in the other. There is just no way to stop such attack, save the use of WMD (I hate using that term, but it seems to have displaced NBC). So of course that is what Saddam did. After we supplied him with them that is. Funny it's the same gang that did that back then who have mired us in the present quagmire.


  24. M.K.,

    Re the link: anytime anybody starts talking about human behavior as a racial trait, I get the creeps. I really wish I'd looked closer at the tail end of that article before I linked it. Live and learn, I guess.

    Regarding the Israeli mindset: it's one of those things I tend to steer away from because there's no way on earth I can understand what it's like to be an Israeli. I was there once while on deployment, and while I enjoyed my time there, I always felt a certain anxiety about what might happen at any moment. What it's like to live that way 24/7 is beyond my imagination.


    I'm trying to think who the Vietnam era general was who said a year or so ago that he wishes he'd retired rather than stay on in a flag billet supporting an administration and a pollicy he did not believe in. That sort of thing is always a tough call.

    If you were on watch in a senior billet when the policy went down, it's pretty tough to walk away from the troops who don't have the option of voting with their feet. If you accept a new post in the middle of a situation, it's a little different. That was my point about the "new way" warriors of the deck chair shuffle. These guys are on board or they wouldn't have taken the job.

    Best to all,


  25. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Jeff: Its a proud point for us Norwegians that we have virtually no neo-nazis here. Normal people support beating them up, they are not able to hold meetings without 2-300 big people turning up and the police "escorting them away to safety". My grandad got tortured by them, and they took out half the norwegian police-force. When I was younger, we used to go to Sweden to demonstrate against them, with our fists if necessary. Its a norwegian saying, actually: "I am not a violent person, but for nazis I make an exception".

    Unfortunately the Israeli lobby and their agressive branding of ALL critiscism as anti-semitic has made it harder for the anti-rascist movement to argue the line. What has happened, demographically, in Israel is quite natural: The normal people have moved away and the hardliners remain. Also, the birthrate of the extreme right is very high compared to that of the "norml" israeli citizens, AND the newly imported east-europeans all lean right, so they are experiencing a big agressive-paranoid rightwing wave over there. Wich is understandable, but dangerous.

    The question is, of course, how much control Bush/US has over the Israelis, not the other way around...

  26. Jeff - Yes I did forget about the Officers commitment to his men/women. My bad. Still, there comes a time.....
    I know of whom you are referring to but I can't remember either.

    I think my all time favorite Officer that I've read about is one Marine Capt. Christmas. He lead his men in the retaking of Hue. Sincerely beloved by his men. One of the funniest stories is during the Battle and after days without sleep, the good Capt. fell asleep. While standing. In mid sentence while on the radio. Complete with snoring.
    Now that's fatigue! I hope he survived it all.


  27. Anonymous1:54 AM

    did you guys see this, there seems to be real training for tactical nukes in israel to take out iran's program. They also recently baited a bumbling iranian diplomat into saying they would defend themselves if attacked when he was talking about refining uranium. This is being sold in israel as a tough guy approach for a country that lost it's manhood in lebanon. I think it's real dangerous. Any war in iran would have us guarding the strait of hormuz with american soldiers on iranian ground.
    here's the link:,,2089-2535177,00.html
    good night

  28. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Great analysis, Commander. This deserves wider publication. Have you tried a NYT or WAPO op-ed? Worth a shot.

  29. Anonymous11:07 AM

    And btw, from a comment on the neohawks at
    written by myself..

    Its even worse than we think

    What is happening is that the US has for a long time played part in an internal Iraqi mob-war, centered in Baghdad. The centralist government heavily relies on its deathsquads, and it is interesting to note that this strategy came with Negroponte, as an echo of his Middle Americas-adventure. This is the Iran-Conta crowd we are talking about here, after all. The current operation in Baghdad will be very ugly.

    What is happening in Baghdad now is that the Maliki-mob are going to use the US as a sledgehammer of choice while attempting a "mopping up"-excercise, basically a ethnic cleansing of Baghdad neighbourhoods.Do not be surprised if massive demolition of buildings will be involved. This is going to be terribly brutal, and the big question is where the Sadr-group will stand. My suggestion is that they got Saddam in exchange for passivity, thus the taunting and the video.

    Now riddle me this: Many of the neo-cons were actively involved in the Iran Contras-case, a case wich involved illegal dealing with the now so-called enemy of Teheran. Why on earth are the right-wing crowds not concerned about just where the loyalties of these people lies? And the same with the War on Drugs-people, why are they not screaming about Afghanistan?

  30. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Fox Fallon never commanded any ship in the USN, it has always been mentioned that "how can you be a flag officer (line) without ship command". Especially by the shoes. He went from Super CAG to flag.
    Stein (VAW guy ret.)

  31. Anonymous1:00 PM

    It is clear that you are insinuating that Fallon doesn't have what it takes, I suggest you read his BIO again, he's more than qualified:

    Admiral Fallon commanded Attack Squadron SIXTY FIVE embarked in USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Medium Attack Wing ONE at NAS Oceana, Virginia, and Carrier Air Wing EIGHT in USS Theodore Roosevelt during a combat deployment to the Arabian Gulf for Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Assigned as Commander, Carrier Group EIGHT in 1995, he deployed to the Mediterranean as Commander, Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group and commanded Battle Force SIXTH Fleet (CTF 60) during NATO’s combat Operation Deliberate Force in Bosnia. Admiral Fallon served as Commander, SECOND Fleet and Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic from November 1997 to September 2000.
    Shore duties included assignment as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to the Commander, Fleet Air Jacksonville, and to the staffs of Commander, Reconnaissance Attack Wing ONE; Commander, Operational Test Force, and Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. He has served as Deputy Director for Operations, Joint Task Force, Southwest Asia in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and as Deputy Director, Aviation Plans and Requirements on the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. His first flag officer assignment was with NATO as Assistant Chief of Staff, Plans and Policy for Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic. He was then assigned as Deputy and Chief of Staff, U.S. Atlantic Fleet followed by assignment as Deputy Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff, U.S. Atlantic Command. Admiral Fallon served as the 31st Vice Chief of Naval Operations from October 2000 to August 2003. He was the Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and U.S. Atlantic Fleet from October 2003 to February 2005.

    I'm not sure how many ships are in a fleet becuase I'm just an Active Duty Air Force guy, but I'm sure it's more than one.

  32. Anonymous2:21 PM

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