Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Witch is Dead: Rummy Just Stepped Down

Pace, Abizaid, and Casey need to follow him.


  1. Was switching between CNN, FOX and NBC last night, watching election results, and Bill Kristol said on FOX that Rumsfeld was going to resign after the election. Guess he had some inside info.

    It's about time. The guy should have resigned long ago.

  2. Jeff, watched as much of the Decider's press conference as I could, and all I could think of was how desperately the current administration needs to be investigated. Hope the newly Dem HofR has plenty of rubber gloves and filter masks for all the nastiness they may uncover. But I digress: yes, agree w/ you that the next couple of layers down need to be cleaned out as well. And let's keep fingers crossed for Jim Webb.

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Rum Done the witch is gone!

  4. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Hi Jeff -
    Watch out for Gates. He was up to his shit-encrusted eyebrows in the Iran-Contra deal.

  5. Two Gates links for y'all:

    Oh yeah, let's trade Rumsfeld for THIS guy! Let's bring back all the Old Gang: McFarlane, North, Poindexter, and of course -- Eugene Hasenfus!

    Well, the living ones anyway.

    My father and other vets I've spoken with say to this day: ain't no way Ollie North had the power to pull all his stuff off, not without say-so from much higher up - and they usually point out VP GHW Bush.