Thursday, February 16, 2006

Justice Department to Investigate Itself.

This sounds all too familiar. From NYT's Scott Shane and Eric Lichtblau:
The ethics office of the Justice Department has begun a review of the department's role in the National Security Agency's domestic eavesdropping program, a move that could shed light on internal dissension over the legal status of the secret program.

Having an ethics office in the Bush Justice Department is like hiring a pimp to enforce chastity at a brothel.
Congress has not opened any investigation of the program, despite the urging of Democrats, some Republicans and privacy advocates, who believe that the eavesdropping violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act because it is conducted without court warrants.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is scheduled to hold a closed meeting on Thursday to decide whether to conduct its own examination, but the White House strongly opposes an investigation, and Democrats say they are pessimistic that a full inquiry will be opened.

I’m pessimistic on that score too. How many times have we seen this pattern? The GOP controlled Congress makes noises about investigating the shenanigans of the executive branch, then the executive branch announces it's investigating itself, and Congress calls off its investigation, saying it's no longer necessary.

Wouldn't you love it if the IRS promised not to audit you if you promised to audit yourself?

I hate to say this, but it looks to me like Bush is going to skate again. So long, checks and balances. Nice knowing you. It was fun while it lasted.


  1. My mantra: November '06, November '06 ...

    provided they don't steal the elections.

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    In other words, you've given up hope too...

  3. Doug and William,

    America has to put "that party" out of control of the Congress. That's the only hope I see. The Republican Congress won't stand up to the admin, and the admin sure isn't going to slow down its pursuit of absolute power.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Scott, the elections were stolen in '00 and '04. The bums should have been out on their asses -- both times.

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Either get their act together or hire better hackers ;)

    Like you, I don't see a specific smoking gun, but realize the system is seriously flawed, and with the quality of leadership we've seen on both sides, expect they will take advantage of it if they haven't already.

    Besides, the standard methods of voter disenfranchisement or creative voter registration still work too, so secure systems won't really solve things anyhow.