Friday, December 16, 2005

More Bunk from the Bunker

At the gaggle, Scott McClellan says Mister Bush is comitted to upholding our Constitution. But he can't answer any questions about the executive order allowing the NSA to spy on Americans because it's classified.

Helen's asked him three times now if it's legal to spy on Americans. Scotty's dodged it all three times.

Now he's changed the subject to the Patriot Act debate.

Can you say "disassemble" Scotty?

Oh, God, now he's trying to make Congress responsible for Mister Bush's executive order.

How does Scott McClellan live with himself?

How do any of them?


  1. I wonder why the Presstitutes don't actually stand up on their hind legs and drag this McClellan mutt through the dust every single day? Surely they smell the blood, by now.

  2. When it comes to Scotty and blood these days, where's the sport?

  3. It's not just Scotty leaving a trail through the jungle.......