Monday, November 21, 2005

More Dubya Talk and "Disassembling"

Hand salute to Think Progress for this piece by the Times of London:
The mysterious source who gave America’s foremost journalist, Bob Woodward, a tip-off about the CIA agent at the centre of one of Washington’s biggest political storms was Stephen Hadley, the White House national security adviser, according to lawyers close to the investigation…

…A spokeswoman for the National Security Council (NSC) denied that Hadley was the journalist’s source. However, in South Korea on Friday during an official visit with President George W Bush, Hadley dodged the question.

“I’ve also seen press reports from White House officials saying that I am not one of his sources,” Hadley said with a smile. Asked if this was a yes or no he replied: “It is what it is.”

Where did Hadley see those reports, the New York Times?

It is what it is. Brother. I think we all know what it is, and it ain't chocolate ice cream.

I lament once again that our nation's senior officers consistently get away with outrageous prevarications that we wouldn't tolerate from our children.


  1. Jeff, 6, says to his dad: "It is what it is."

    Jeff's dad says: "That so? What it is -- is you going to your room, right now. I'm gettin' my belt..."

  2. Yep, that's just how it went.

    Imagine if everytime a political pulled this, he got a belt taken to him.

  3. I'm confused. I thought the adults were in charge.

    Wasn't there a mention that Hadley was on AF One when Powell handed that secret memo around? It was full crew on that flight, since even Ari Fleischer saw it.

  4. Lurch,

    Whatever made you think the adults were in charge?

  5. Someone name the last time adults were in charge of our government. I'm not sure I was born yet :)

    Of course, as voters we collectively bear the responsibility for getting mediocrity in our leadership. As a whole, we don't demand anything more from them.

  6. The last time adults were in charge of our government? Or any government? I don't Adam was born yet.