Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hooray for Gareth Porter!

My pal Gareth socked a walk-off four-bagger with his investigative piece on the latest journo-jive on Iran.  The title tells it all: "IAEA’s ‘Soviet Nuclear Scientist’ Never Worked on Weapons."

Kinda shakes your faith in the New York Times and the Washington Post, doesn't it? (Heh.)

You might also want to read the analysis of the cooked IAEA report at Moon of Alabama.

I'll have further choice observations to make on the affair in next Tuesday's column.

Ciao, hounds, and remember: warmongers aren't just right-wing nut cases anymore.



  1. Great read. Nanodiamonds..... same as nukes???


  2. They start with the same letter, so they must be the same, huh?


  3. Nanosecond: the average elapsed time between the concoction of a malicious lie by agents of the Apartheid Zionist Entity and its blaring dissemination to the world by the highest officials of the American government.

    [See "tail wags dog" for colloquial translation of the above.]

  4. Libya dispatch: as lawlessness spreads, are the rebel 'good guys' turning bad?

    ""Next day they turned up at his house, and threatened his wife and children. Can you believe this? We have hundreds of little Gaddafis now."

    I wonder if letting these thugs run loose was intentional on the part of the warmongery. After all, if they decide they own the oil it will be boots-on-the-ground time for sure.

  5. Your first link isn't working for me. "Nanodiamonds" made me think of a nail file
    I used to have, lol.

  6. Nunya,

    Thanks for the heads up on the link. I fixed it.

    Nice definition Michael. I may have to steal your wordplay for next week's article. Don't' say I didn't warn you! ;-)

    JP: Why do I suspect hundreds of little Ghadafi's was the objective all along?

  7. Go ahead and appropriate anything you like, Jeff. As my sainted mother used to say (about religious proselytizing): "If you've got something good, you don't have to sell it. Other people will steal it from you."

    Apropos of the current topic: namely, Manufactured Mendacity and Managed Mystification (the operative philosophy and practice of the United States Government), Eric Margolis weighs in with Iran's Nukes: Old Lies in New Bottles