Friday, June 25, 2010

Wild Wild Left Radio #70 Cmdr Jeff Huber on General "Chess" & Afghanistan

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This week we are honored to again host our returning Special Guest Cmdr Jeff Huber, author of "Bathtub Admirals," columnist for and his own blog, Pen and Sword, as well as a frequent essayist on yours truly, WWL.

Jeff will be analyzing the dismissal of General McChrystal and the replacement with General Petraeus and its possible portends for our theater in Afghanistan. He will also try and shed light on the Naval escalation in the Red Sea, as we join Israel in threatening Iran.

Time permitting, an update on the never ending Gulf Disaster will be provided as well.
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  1. This is quite a coincidence. I was just busy conspiring with some progressives.
    What I wanted to run by you is if there were a coalition of true conservative, libertarian, and progressive forces that decided that they were going to join forces to force change in the country what could they agree on?
    I wanted to start the list by mentioning a couple things then I would like to see if you or your readers could add to it.
    1.) Bring the troops home now from Iraq and Afghanistan. Bring the troops home soon from Turkey, Italy, Germany, the UK, Japan, and Korea very soon. Then transform the returning military in to a predominately reserve force.
    2.) Abolish the Federal Reserve, the World Bank,
    the IMF and the CIA. Any reasonable functions of the CIA to be taken over by the Military.
    I think that if 3 to 5 more important points of agreement can be reached then perhaps a coalition can be built, at least in my dreams.
    One other one that I would like to add that should not count towards the 5 but that I take a special interest in is jury reform.
    I think that in criminal cases the judges must instruct the juries that not only must they consider that facts of the case they must also consider whether or not the law that a person is accused of breaking is a just law or whether in this case even though it is in general a just law the accused was justified in breaking the law.
    At least 10 of the 12 jurors have to find beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did in fact commit the crime and at least 9 of the jurors must find that the law in this case is just. I think that one juror being able to hang a jury is a bit to excessive.

  2. Whoa, I forgot the most important point of all.
    The arrest for war crimes of all the people that led us in to the Iraq war of aggression and subsequent occupation.
    With out their arrests America and the world can not sleep well at night because with out these arrests the will not be any proof that any thing has changed.
    I am sure that they will be shaking in their boats now as they scramble to get out of the country and go to somewhere where it will be safe for them like Columbia.

  3. Karen Kwiatkowski on reading the Rolling Stone article on McChrystal.

    "I was also reminded that McChrystal eats only one meal a day. My gut reaction to hearing this cultish bit (again!) is that each of my five dogs also eat only one meal a day. On that basis alone, I certainly wouldn’t send them to conquer Afghanistan."

  4. Frank Rich in the NY Times today.... nails it.... as usual.


  5. EL, Frank Rich's column is right on the mark, as you said. Karzai has said that he had the best "realtionship" with McChrystal, much more than other military or diplomatic types. I'm not sure this is much of a compliment.

    Kinda like Groucho Marx said, "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member." The Karzai/McChrystal duet works both ways for that one.

    Two more Canadian soldiers died yesterday, a couple of medics killed by an IED, a 34-year-old woman and a 21-year-old guy. That makes 150. For a country this size, that's a lot. That's too many for a country of any size.

  6. "URS Corp, which Blum had a substantial stake in, bought EG&G, a leading provider of technical services and management to the U.S. military, from The Carlyle Group in 2002; EG&G subsequently won a $600m defense contract."

    From the Wiki. The Mr. Blum, referred to, in this commentary, is the husband of United States Senator Dianne Feinstein. (I think the Senator chairs the Armed Services Committee.)

    Senator Feinstein is quoted as saying on FOX "Noise" yesterday..... that General Petreus should Get Whatever He Needs for Afghanistan. (Forget getting out of there is 2011.)

    One corrupt government propping up another corrupt government. Your tax dollars at work.