Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sick Leave

I'll be taking some time off to get over the flu. Talk to you soon.



  1. Get better soon. The blogosphere needs a sane voice like yours in these insane times.

    Most old fashion cures are better than the new and improved ones. lol.

  2. IntelVet6:54 PM

    I have a number of vets who hang on your every word.

    Get well soon.

  3. Take care...get better. We'll wait ya.

  4. You deserve a rest. Get better soon.

  5. Get well Jeff. Take care of yourself.

  6. Get well soon, get lots of rest.

  7. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Tuesday evening was enough to make anyone sick. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Want my recipe for chicken soup?- has kept me healthy all semester.

    Buzz Meeks

  8. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Get well soon,

  9. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Get well, mate. Me was thinking the announcement of more troops going into Bananastan must have triggered it. In Oz we're hoping our current PM does not sent more troops into that hole, despite what our former PM is pushing for, in the name of "prestige"!

    Well anyways keep fluids up, drink warm water (not cold) and plenty of it! We all hope you get well soon!

  10. Home made chicken soup. Lots of orange juice. Much water.

    Whiskey and honey for the cough.

    Hurry and get better.

    We need your wit -- and wisdom.

    Most of all --- rest.

  11. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Get well soon Commander, we need your sane voice now more than ever!!


  12. outlaw josey wales9:48 AM

    Get well soon Jeff.

  13. Good move. Rest and gather your strength.

    A friend of mine had the H1N1 vaccination when it first became available several weeks ago as a member of a priority group - health care - and a couple of weeks later got the other flu, H4N1, along with a sub-clinical pneumonia, what they used to call "walking" pneumonia. The patient is recovering nicely but sounded awful for a week or so. I think our health care gurus really dropped the ball on this one.

    As a side note, other "priority" groups to get the vaccine were a couple of NHL teams, Calgary and Toronto, I believe, the inmates of an exclusive private school and the top donors at a couple of hospital associations (not health care workers).

    Ah, the joys of socialized medicine, where money or position can still buy your way to the head of the line, especially under the present administration.

    Don't forget the Bushmills and garlic cure. On second thought, do forget it - immediately. Sounds like it would only be good for repelling Irish vampires.

    Sláinte Mhaith - "to your good health" in Gaelic - which I drink to you in coffee containing neither Bushmills nor garlic.

  14. Anonymous4:54 PM

    look forward to seeing your healthy return

  15. Who has read Bathtub Admiral?

    Let's talk about it before Jeff gets back.

    I for one have not yet read it.

  16. I hope you feel better soon Jeff :)

  17. Do get well soon, Commander. Probably the best prescription is to turn off the news and tune out the nonsense. Rest, relax, and let the world take care of itself for a little while.

  18. Anonymous6:36 PM

    A very good piece at ICH today titled
    In Search of Morale.

  19. Read Jason Linkins on HuffPost - and skip watching the Sunday Talking Heads.

    He watches that stuff, and I don't have to.

    Read Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd in the NY Times on-line today...

    and leave the teevee machine -- turned off.

    Mostly, it's just too damned depressing.

    And, I've read "Bathtub Admirals."
    Great satire. I recommend it to any and all, who read this blog on a regular basis. Especially, during these times -- when we all are in need of a good laugh now and then. It helps to have someone like the Commander -- keep in all in proper perspective.

  20. atkaparking1:18 AM

    I have used several of your phrases on the blogosphere in an attempt to change minds--I am a former paratrooper who was more brainwashed then yourself (after 20 years, if that's possible) but finally figured out all those gun-toting kids in the Honduras highlands weren't contributing to guvm't stability-- and to figure out that my prez wasn't on the level. So I owe you some big cheese for your humorous and succint phrases--tried looking for a paypal or something to send you 20 bucks but couldn't find it, so get better and I'll send some cash. Die and I'll spend it on worthy causes like my shop electric bill and Arrogant Bastard Ale. Call me if you ever get to Vegas-most broke down tourists do.

  21. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Best wishes for a rapid recovery.
    Take care.

  22. Jeff, don't listen to this if you're still not feeling well because it won't help.

    If you do feel up to it, though, here's an interesting podcast from Australia dated August 27, 2009. (I'm way behind in my podcasts.)

    It stars one of your favourite neocons, David Kilcullen, and war historian and Vietnam vet Robert O'Neill.

    Listening to podcasts from a few months ago makes you feel almost prescient, especially since we know the outcome of the Afghan election and the insistence by these two guys that a clean election and an uncorrupt government is necessary for (their idea of) success.

    Somehow, being a former national security adviser to Condoleezza Rice doesn't sound like much of an accolade.

    From Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan - Robert O'Neill and David Kilcullen

    From Late Night Live with Phillip Adams on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) Radio National

  23. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Here is something to think about while you are physically resting.
    What if the US had not launched an invasion at Normandy but had launched the invasion along the west coast of the German region of Schleswig with the intention of quickly establishing a bridgehead north of the North-Baltic Sea canal and then moving on Hamburg, Kiel, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Denmark.
    I did not see any notice that my post had been received. So I am trying a 2nd time.
    Is it possible that the leadership of the US deliberately did not take the best course of action because they wanted to give the Germans more time to maul the Russians and also to provide more time to get more more US soldiers combat experience. One could imagine the main allied thrust heading south from there using the Elbe and Weser Rivers to protect their flanks. They would not have needed to have fought their way past the west wall. Once enough forces had been landed they could have headed towards Berlin or towards the Rhine-Ruhr area.
    Even if the plan had failed initially it would have caused the Germans to move large numbers of units far away from Calais, and Normandy which would have made a second landing possible there rather than on the south coast of France. It would have made Germany the battleground rather than France.

  24. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Here is something else to think about while you recover. When I tried to post that last message it did not post the first time. I then had whole new set of letters to put in for the word verification. The letters for the second try were......
    unologic. My understanding of the letters for the word verification is that they are supposed to be random.
    Yet those letters do not seem at all to be random. They seem to be a commentary themselves on the post that I had written. For that to happen I would have to believe that you A.) have the ability to manipulate the letters that were given to me to verify B.) That you were just sitting around at your computer during the time I was typing the message and that you were reading what I was typing as I was typing it and you decided while I was typing it that you were going to send back those letters as a commentary on my comments. Or
    C.) That someone else between your computer and my computer read what I was writing and also had the ability to manipulate the random letter word verifier at the moment that it needed to be manipulated.
    If A.and B is true that was a pretty interesting coincidence. If C.) is true I find it interesting that someone would go through so much trouble to pay attention to and to reply to someone so insignificant.
    Jeff, only you know if A and B are true. Neither of us can know if C.) is true but both of us could suspect it. But what if C.) were also not true? What are the chances that a supposedly randomly generated set of letters could have made an answer to my comments that made sense. How many combinations are possible using 26 letters with up to 7 letters in the code? How many of those could make sense, well here are a few get real, you suck, shut up, sit down, dumb ass, ex pat, sucker, bird, egg, stink, shower, slow, never, lotus, wisdom, JFC, new one, bright. So there are quite a few possible contenders. Who many would be nonsense like ywtae, or fgtim? I bet a lot more. Of those that are conceivable how many would be as clever as unologic? Of course perhaps the main question is what percent of the population could even recognize that unologic is a clever commentary on my post.
    Also I wonder if this can be verified or if it lost forever to the past.

  25. Bill Blum at


  26. How are you doing, Jeff?

  27. Commander,

    Are you getting better? We miss you.

  28. Try the tequila cure, Jeff. It helps cut the hack. A pleasant analgesic effect, too.

    Hope you're on the mend.

  29. Kerstin7:42 PM

    Start to feel really worried about you.
    I do hope you are recovering and to that I wish you a nice holliday.

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