Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby Guilty on Four of Five Counts

We'll see what, if anything, this leads to.

Maybe Cheney will step down because of that darn old blood clot in his leg.


  1. Jeff, if Cheney were to go, who would you put money on as his most likely replacement? Might be an example of "better the devil you know...".

  2. EdNSted1:19 PM

    It's difficult for me not be cynical about Mr. Libby's conviction. I'd like to believe that I live in a country where even the highest officials are held to the same ethical and legal standards that I myself am held to. And yet, we need only look as far back as the Iran-Contra scandal to draw the inference that people who hold sufficiently high positions in our government are rarely, if ever, held accountable for any crimes they commit. Even convictions in a court of law are meaningless if you have friends in high enough places. Consequently, I'm confident in predicting that Mr. Libby is unlikely to ever spend a day in jail as a result of the crimes for which he has now been convicted. Is that cynicism or realism? Perhaps a bit of both.

    Nevertheless, I believe Mr. Libby's conviction is an important symbolic victory -- even though any real substantive impact may be negligible.

    When historians look back at what may arguably be the most arrogant and ignorant of any American administration, history will show that Mr. Libby was charged and convicted for his crimes.

    I believe future generations will ask why there was not more opposition to the dangerous and self-destructive policies of this administration. Mr. Libby's conviction may then serve as one small piece of evidence that we all did not go quietly into the night.

  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Meanwhile, ThisIsLondon.CO.UK suggests that the chances of Cheney having to step down due to health are greater than US media allow. The likely successor -- Condi Rice!

    Have a better day than I am having.


  4. It's been my view for the past several years that Cheney, most definitely, and Bush, most likely, would leave office prior to elections in 2008. Cheney is on the way out & gone by summer - blood clot is first step (health reasons). Rice will not get past conformation hearings and vote. I predict it will be Jeb, possibly Romney and they will run as incumbents.

  5. Prettyobvious, I understand the current president leaves for South America on Thursday...

  6. "Maybe Cheney will step down because of that darn old blood clot in his leg." Jeeze, he has blood? There is hope.

  7. I'd guess Condi, but PO may be right.

    LOL on the South America comment, Mike.

  8. Bacon's Rebellion12:21 AM

    I see that some in Congress are beginning salivate as they connect the dots about the possibility of Dick Cheney being somehow involved in bid rigging on the building services contract at Walter Reed Army Hospital. My own take on this is that Cheney never allowed himself to be directly involved but doubtlessly knew (or strongly suspected) that his name was being dropped by others during the bid evaluation process (RFP, RFQ etc etc). I am very doubtful that Cheney could ever be dragged into the dock on such matters.

    However, Dick and his greedy friends may have finally become too big a liability for the other owners of the Republican Party. The stench of corruption is beinging to waft from the Office of the Vice President down the hall to the Oval Office. That's always a problem as Spiro T. Agnew quickly found out.

    The easiest way out is to make a case for Cheney to leave office for reasons of ill health --- as others have already suggested. I agree that it would certainly open up an avenue to bring Jeb on board to perpetuate the dynasty. At this point a lot of Republicans would welcome the chance to vote for just about anyone other than McCain or Randy Rudy the "G".

  9. I still say all the current Repub. candidates are just being allowed to fill up news cycles -- the best any of 'em can do is hope to get on the ticket for VP.

    Jeb is waiting in the wings. The right will line up like little ducklings for brand Bush(tm).