Monday, January 08, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-Cheney Still Cooking the Intelligence

I'll have more on this later in the week, but for now, read this Raw Story piece by Larisa Alexandrovna.
The nomination of retired Vice Admiral John Michael "Mike" McConnell to be Director of National Intelligence is part of an effort by the Vice President to tighten the Administration’s grip on domestic intelligence and grease the wheels for a more aggressive stance towards Iran, current and former intelligence officials believe…

“McConnell will go along with whatever [Cheney tells him to do] and make sure that no objective [National Intelligence Estimate on Iran] comes out,” one former senior intelligence officer said…

… President Reagan’s Director of Intelligence Programs for the National Security Council from 1984-1987 and onetime CIA counterterror chief Vincent Cannistraro called the nomination “a disaster.”

…“McConnell’s not an effective manager,” said former CIA officer Larry Johnson. “He will be likely to acquiesce to White House pressure on issues.”
Johnson called McConnell “Rummyesque.”

Hi ho!

(Apologies to Larisa for using a tad more than "fair use" copy. I hope she and Raw Story will understand and approve.)

You might also want to visit or revisit my article from Friday on why Navy Admiral William Fallon has been named to take over Central Command.


  1. The ride of the bad guys. It might be succesful.Shit, I cant wait to see new baghdad perimeters-of-action..!

  2. There is no way this will be successful. After finishing “Imperial Life in the Emerald City,” it's obvious the “mission” (however they want to define it) is doomed. The sheer magnitude of incompetence in the players involved is staggering. Shuffling the deck will hardly matter. I recommend “Imperial Life” for an absorbing read about the circus that was the CPA in the Green Zone. The CPA has long since left Baghdad but this book highlights the horrendous decision making made by those at the top. When people are hired for their loyalty to the President instead of on merit, shit will happen.

  3. We're off to see the wizard!

    (And I reckon we all know who the man behind the curtain is.)

  4. Jeff... I just found your blog through a link from Neptunus Rex. Bravo Zulu - I like your opinions and thoughts. Also retired Navy (SWO) and goddam tired of the bullshit this idiot president and his neo-con cabal are putting the military and this nation through. I hope the Dems get a spine and stop funding this madness.

  5. Ghorbanifar is back! Its amazing! See for an interesting read. Its Iran Contra boys all over the line.