Saturday, September 09, 2006

Much Ado About 9/11

The much debated Path to 9/11 ABC/Disney propaganda-drama shouldn't really make a spit's bit of difference in the American political scene, or have any effect at all on the November elections. The autistic right already blames the Clinton administration for all the sins of the Bush administration, and the rest of the world already knows the mini-series is a load of Orwellian brainwash.

If anything, Path to 9/11 illustrates how pathetically frightened the GOP is of losing Congress, and losing its mandate for the sinister neoconservative agenda. It also shows the extent to which the big money right has corrupted the big media.

But we already knew those things.

We also know that blaming any and every available scapegoat for its failures is standard operating procedure for the Bush administration.

We also know that whatever miscues Clinton may or may not have made regarding Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda network, he hasn't been president for over five years--five years that seen America go from being the world's leader to the world's biggest two faced bully.

Bill Clinton didn't make young Mister Bush a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, solipsistic moron. Nor is it Clinton's fault that Dick Cheney has been in the last throes of dementia for at least seven years, or that Donald Rumsfeld couldn't find his rump with a map, a flashlight and help from all of his four star suck ups.

It's Not Their Fault

If we really want to point a finger at who caused our Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda woes, we need look no further back than Ronald Reagan, who propped up al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. And oh, by the way, it was Reagan who backed Saddam Hussein during the eight year long Iran-Iraq War. And it was during the period when Reagan was supporting Iraq that members of his administration sold weapons to Iran to help fund the anti-communist Contra organization in Nicaragua. In a White House press conference on March 4, 1987, Reagan admitted that his Vice President, George H.W. Bush, had known about the sale of arms to Iran.

The Iran-Contra affair was investigated by the Reagan appointed Tower Commission, which limited its criticism of Bush the elder. Many Reagan administration critics viewed the Tower Commission and its report as a political stunt .

Well, we could go on and on about who inherited what disaster from whom, and it wouldn't make much difference. The bottom line is that what happens on your watch is your responsibility, especially when it's five years into your watch. By the Bush administration's Rovewellian dog whistle rhetoric, everything they've bollixed up is the fault of Adam and Eve.

How long before we hear young Mister Bush say, "Hey, I'm not the one who ate that dadgum apple?"


Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) writes from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Read his commentaries at ePluribus Media and Pen and Sword.


  1. C.J. Moore, AF/TexANG LtCOL Ret.10:31 AM

    Love your work, Huber. Sic'um.

  2. Thanks for the nice words, Colonel.

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Dear Jeff,

    I'm an immigrant from Iran who has been through the Iran's education system of the current regime up to the first year of a B.S. program in Computer Science.

    Sadly, I must tell you that you are so naive if you think for a second that Iran has been building a nuclear program (secretly, mind you) for the past 20 years for energy needs, while it should have been busy building oil refineries so it doesn't have to still import Gasoline from Turkey while sitting on one of world's largest oil reservoir. Hey, just listen to what they are saying themselves. Rafsanjani said a few years ago that it would be joyous day when the Islamic world acquires nuclear weapons to wipe the "cancerous" Israel off the face of the earth.

    I'm afraid the proof you are seeking will come either as a mushroom cloud or, maybe more optimistically, a declaration similar to North Korean. By then, I believe the price is simply too high to confront Iran and to make sure Iran doesn’t pass a bomb or two to the terrorists or use it itself. Remember that the world wouldn’t have found out about Iran’s nuclear program had it not been for an opposition group with links inside Iran.

    Meanwhile, the world is deaf and blind to what Iran's long term goals are, while being naïve to think that the people of Iran have the capability to topple the regime who imports Arab tugs to beat and shoot at student protestors when even the Iranian tugs don’t find the never to do so.

    As for Iraq, I wish the Iranians had a government who was fighting tugs instead of a government made up of tugs. Iraq still has a chance to create a peaceful and free democracy in the long term. Something they could never have had under Saddam.

    I have been lucky enough to be able to migrate to US to create a better life for me and my generation. It is the dream of more than %70 of Iranians to be able to do the same. It saddens me to see Americans think the current US government is “war mongering.” They have not experience what war mongering is.

  4. Dear Anonymous:

    So you're an Iranian immigrant who has been through the Iranian education system up through one year of college in a computer science and you know all about what the Iranian political regime is really up to?

    Just how naïve do you think I am?

    Did you get the "mushroom cloud" rhetoric from Condi Rice's speechwriter?

    Since when has Iran's nuclear energy ambitions been "secret?" They started the program under the old Shah.

    And is this opposition Iranian group with links inside Iran you refer to anything like the Iraqi groups Chalibi sponsored that had links within Iraq?

    As to "war mongering," and since you're an Iranian, can you tell us how many wars Iran has initiated in, say, the last 200 years?

    And can you tell your bosses at the think tank that this sort of viral propaganda isn't going to work here at Pen and Sword.

    Best regards, "Anonymous,"

    Jeff Huber