Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Drive By

April Fools' from the U.K.'s Guardian:
The US Department of Justice (DoJ) and the office of the White House Counsel are preparing a draft document laying out the President's wartime authority to remain in office past 2008, The Register has learned.

The scheme is described as an emergency "continuity presidency," made necessary by the extraordinary circumstances and unique challenges of protecting the United States from the threat of international terrorism.

"The world changed on 9/11," a confidential DoJ memo obtained by The Register explains, "and no Administration in US history is better suited to adapt productively to those changes than this one...


  1. While this was presented as an April Fool's joke, there is more than a grain of truth in it all. A resolution was presented 2/17/05 to repeal the 22nd Amendment.

    The proposed repeal amendment, of course, is merely a tidier method of ensuring Mr Bush what he undoubtedly feels he is entitled to: Presidency for Life.

    When this amendment was first put into the hopper it was camouflaged as a method to allow citizens who were not native born to become President (Schwarzenegger, for instance,) - thus allegedly a repeal of Article II, Sec 1. Of course, this proposal does nothing of the sort, but it was sufficient obscuring at the moment to get it moving.

    The article from The Register, while on the face a prank, is in fact quite accurate in several respects. There are in fact memos within the Executive Branch on this very topic, although they address the suspension of elections and quite a few consittutionally mandated civil rights that would go into effect after a nuclear incident, or other massive civil unrest in the United States.

  2. I'd sure like to get my mitts on those documents, Lurch.

  3. I expect it's only a question of time, given the political pressures and crush/momentum of events catching up with them.

  4. I can tell you from experience that the things one has legal memorandums on and the things one actually intends to do are often vastly different.

  5. I'm sure that's true, but with this administration, legal memos have tended to lead to specific actions.

  6. Yeah, but I don't think even this admin is that nutty. I could be wrong though. If it happens, I'd be in favor of marching to Washington and removing the guy bodily from office :)

  7. Well, most organization plan how to repsond to contingencies. This administration seems to plan to create them.

  8. Joffan1:28 PM

    I wonder if any of the administration in their thirst for expanded power has considered that repealing this Amendment would allow Bill Clinton to run in 2008?

  9. William Bollinger2:11 PM

    You are now probably responsible for the worst nightmare Karl Rove ever had. Thank you.

  10. Scott, any responsible agency (government, corporation, organization) should prepare contingency plans. And as Jeff mentioned this crew does seem to make their "contingency plans" self-fulfilling.

    Now, you're probably aware of the 1962 "Operation Northwoods" OpPLan. In case you're not:

    This story, although advertised after the fact as an April Fool's joke, somehow just has...

    what shall I call it?

    The feeling of versimilitude about it.

    Forget marching on Washington. If we were in a state of national emergency martial law would be declared. Trust me: the evangelized Air Force WILL bomb "anti-Christian mobs" marching on Washington.

    Joffan makes an excellent point.

  11. Barndog4:39 AM

    Jeebus. Someone's been swimming face down in the dammed kool-aid too long.

  12. I don't think that two-thirds of the states would EVER ratify said amendment, and I think that we can all be happy about that. The country is too "fifty-fifty" and not enough "sixtysix-thirtythree". ;p

  13. Sadiq,

    Well said. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that would survive the ammendment process.

    And maybe that's a good thing.